Microsoft says I am a certified Solution Developer now!

Finally! Got Exam 70-300 Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures done yesterday and that puts in the league of certified MCSD's (.NET)

It really does not seem to have sunk in although when I walked into my boss's office and told him, his first response was "Do I get anything out of this?"...He was kidding but it is a great addition to my company's roster of certified resources on staff and adds some oomph to our partnership status. 

So..I am happy!


One more to go...

One more to go and I will be there. Passed 70-306: Developing and Implementing Windows®-based Applications with Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET and Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET and with the last one in the sights, its time to go all-out!

I will be glad when this is over. Having started on my exams waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back in August 05, it's about time I finished this!


On my way to an MCSD...

Another step towards the coveted MCSD.NET certification! Passed the Exam 70-310 - Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET and the Microsoft® .NET Framework today..

It was an interesting experience and though I have worked with XML based windows and web service development as part of some projects, the questions were a little from left field. A lot of what I thought was detail and not really technology based questions surfaced, however if you read the MS Guide book AND in addition prepare using tools like Transcender / Measure Up exams, you should be relatively safe.

 Ping me if specific questions!

Passed Exam 70-631 TS: Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Configuring

I passed my first Sharepoint 2007 exam today, 70-631! It's a great feeling specially given the fact that I thought I was not fully prepared Wink

In addition to Microsoft Partner Learning Resources through my employer, I also used info from blogs like the one below to prep up...


Tat Tvam Asi

Sanskrit: तत् त्वम् असि or तत्त्वमसि) translating variously to "Thou art that" "That thou art" or "That you are"

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